Leash Training and Collars

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail Taking your dog for a stroll is one of the great joys of being a dog owner. Walking side-by-side with your canine companion makes any walk more enjoyable. But having to fight with your dog who pulls or plants can...

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Can Your Pets See Colour?

Home » Learn More » Compliance facebook Follow Instagram Follow Twitter Follow It is a common misconception that dogs and cats can only see the world in black and white. Let’s look at the science behind how we see colours to better explain what your pets can...

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How to Make a Pet Emergency Preparedness Kit

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail When an emergency strikes, it’s important that you and your family are ready for anything. Having all the essentials your pet could need ready to go in the event of a disaster can give you peace of mind. You can...

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How To Save On Pet Expenses

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail Being a pet owner can be pricey, here are some tips to help you get more bark for your buck! Health: Vet bills can be expensive. One way to avoid a surprise expense at the vet is by taking good care of your pet’s...

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How to Start Your Own Dog Walking Group

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail Your dog is your best buddy, but sometimes your furry friend might not be the best conversation. One way to make dog walks more fun is to find some pals with pups and start your own dog walking group!   Dog...

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Toxic Plants Your Pets Should Avoid

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail Growing a garden full of fruits, veggies and flowers is a nice way to spend your spring and summer months, and tending to houseplants can bring some sunshine inside once the warm weather goes away. But some of those...

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