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10 Rainy Day Activities for Your Dog

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail It’s raining cats and dogs out there! While felines are usually quite content to while away the drippy day on their favorite perch, our canine buddies… well, we all know what happens when they get restless and...

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How To Pet-Proof Your Home

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail From those playful snakes (your power cords) and fun shaker toys (your medication bottles) to the yummy chew toys (your leather shoes) and the big drinking bowl in the bathroom (yes, we know it’s gross, and, yes, we...

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Experts Tips To Keep Pets Safe On Moving Day

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail May kicks off what many think of as the unofficial Moving Season. During the warm months, relocations hit their peak. While moving proves difficult enough for humans, there are other members of the family to...

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Fall Safety Tips

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail As the days begin to shorten and the leaves begin to change colours it’s clear that fall is on its way! With the changing seasons come a new set of tips on how to keep your pets safe this fall and this Thanksgiving...

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Leash Training and Collars

Home » Learn More » Compliance FacebookTweetPinEmail Taking your dog for a stroll is one of the great joys of being a dog owner. Walking side-by-side with your canine companion makes any walk more enjoyable. But having to fight with your dog who pulls or plants can...

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Can Your Pets See Colour?

Home » Learn More » Compliance facebook Follow Instagram Follow Twitter Follow It is a common misconception that dogs and cats can only see the world in black and white. Let’s look at the science behind how we see colours to better explain what your pets can...

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