Transitioning To DocuPet

“We don’t have time to make a change right now”. This common refrain we frequently hear from municipal pet licensing program managers is certainly understandable. Managing municipal licensing programs and pet shelters is a LOT of work, and for many, even the thought of adding another project to a tall pile is hard to imagine.

TransitionDocuPet can be launched in a municipality in as little as 8 weeks and takes only 10 hours of time for our partners from start to finish!

But what if all of the time and work associated with pet licensing was instantly removed from your team? What could you do with that ti me? And if outsourcing your pet licensing program leads to in excess of 50% more revenue each year, what could you do with those funds?

Transitioning municipal pet licensing programs to DocuPet is painless. In fact, it takes on average just 10 hours of staff time to get us everything we need to take over your program.

Here’s what transition to DocuPet looks like…

Transition Plan

Our initial reports typically include most of what we need to know to make the transition, but the Relationship Manager we assign to your account will take our planning a step further to document a concise transition plan outlining all of the activities and timelines. 95% of the work is on our end, but you’ll always know what is happening and who is accountable for it throughout the process.

Data Collection and System Synchronization

We will need your existing pet license records for upload on our system. We can accept your data in any digital form and will take the ti me to ensure it is accurately added to DocuPet. At this ti me we will also install any system integrations required to ensure that DocuPet is perfectly synchronized with your existing pet shelter management software.

Tag and Website Design

Our design team will gather the few inputs we need from you to design your custom pet tag and locally-branded web system. Typically all we need is a high resolution logo and an image or two from your municipality. We also craft any website copy including program details, frequently asked questions, and contact details for the website.

The web system is configured to meet the design and customized pricing policies associated with your program. Tags are ordered and inventoried, and standardized messages are configured. We are almost ready!

Updates to your Website

We will send along the recommended copy and design elements for your municipal or shelter pet licensing web pages. It is important that these pages accurately reflect the upgraded program and drive local pet owners to the right places on our website.

Training your Team and Existing Vendors

Before launch, we will train your staff , compliance officers, and any third-party vendors on the system. We like to do this in person, but can also conduct training online. We will leave you with a training manual, but you won’t need it. The system is very simple to use (and needed infrequently with us at the helm). Our relationship management team is always at the ready to assist whenever needed.

Launch Week!

It’s time to launch! We will work with you to help craft any communications you want to share with local residents. On the launch date, the system will be made public, your team and vendors will process counter-visit sales on the system, and all phone, mail and online transactions will be processed by us. We’ll begin shipping tags immediately and all customer service issues will be handled by our team.

We’ll be in close contact in the early days and weeks to report on sales and any other matters. Don’t expect to be bothered too often though—you’ve just gotten a LOT of time back to focus on more important matters and we don’t want to take that up with idle chatter!