The DocuPet Pricing Model

We can’t really talk about how much DocuPet costs municipalities, because our entire pricing model is built around increasing pet license revenue and reducing costs.

We make money only when we increase license sales.

$0 Set-up

$0 SetupYes, zero. We don’t charge a single dollar for all of the work it takes to set up your custom pet licensing program. We never have and we never will. This set-up work includes:

  • Consultation
  • Web system and brochure design
  • Tag design, development and ordering
  • Copy writing
  • Rewards Program development
  • Data integration
  • Pricing model and policy customization
  • Team and 3rd-Party Vendor Training

Performance-Based Model

Our pricing model is based on increasing pet license sales. Typically, between 10% and 30% of pet owners in a community license their pets. Our job is to increase this ordinance compliance rate substantially driving new revenue and improving community safety as we do.

To ensure that our motivation is aligned with yours, we earn our fees by participating in the pet revenue on sales of licenses above the baseline sales levels that your community has historically met. For example, if you typically sell 4000 pet licenses annually, we earn our Performance Fee on the 4001 license sold and every sale after that each year.

Fulfillment and Mailing Costs

We have the lowest fulfillment and mailing costs in the industry. Our goal is to minimize these costs for municipalities by continually optimizing our processes. Tag mailing fees are based on our actual costs and renewal and warning letters mailing fees are well below those of our competition.

Cost Reduction

We oft en talk about “net revenue”. This is the new income your municipality or shelter will earn when you transition to DocuPet. We know how much it can cost to manage your own pet licensing program, so with DocuPet we aim to reduce your mailing fees, re-allocate your team, and put meaningful new income into your hands.

Proven Results

We have proven to increase sales, reduce costs, remove administrative burden, and provide valuable new tools to program managers and compliance officers. Talk to us today to receive your customized report and to learn more about how we are doubling license sales in the communities we serve.