Our Pet Tag System

DocuPet has a unique approach to pet tags that improves pet safety, reduces program costs, and provides powerful functionality for by-law and ordinance officers.

Quality Tags

DocuPet Tags are attractive and durable. Each is etched with a unique alphanumeric code that is assigned to a licensed pet and associated with the online pet profile created by pet owners.

Tag Details

Online Records

The unique code on each tag is associated with the online record for the pet. These records can be accessed by city administrators. For example, animal control officers in the field using any handheld internet-enabled device such as a smart phone.

Records include not only required pet and pet owner information but additional data such as secondary phone numbers and addresses, additional contact names, photos for visual verification, veterinarian and care details, and information about the obedience level of each pet.

Lost and Found Pet Reporting

Lost and Found Pet ReportingOne of the most attractive and appreciated features of the DocuPet Program is our Lost Pet Alert System. Should a pet become lost, owners are able to quickly create an online report that is sent out to local administrators, our head office, and any pet owners in the region who have offered to participate in our “lost pet brigade”. This system has allowed us to return over 99% of lost pets home safely.

Likewise, if a pet is found in the community straying from its owner, the finder can look up the online pet profile and see any information that the pet owner has decided to make public. If contact details are not available online, the pet finder may create a Found Pet Report that is immediately submitted to DocuPet customer service staff. We use this to
reconnect the pet with its owner.

Cost Reduction

With durable tags that no longer include the year, pet owners can opt to keep their tags for consecutive years. This reduces tag and shipping costs for the municipality. Further, by ensuring that more pets are returned home safely reducing pound costs and euthanization rates.