How Pet Owners License with DocuPet

One of the primary factors keeping pet owners from licensing their animals is a lack of convenience. DocuPet ensures that pet owners have a multitude of licensing methods including online, over the phone, via mail or in person.

All Existing Methods Remain Available

DocuPet iPadWhen the DocuPet Program is launched in a new municipality we take the time to understand the existing licensing methods available to pet owners. These methods typically include:

BuildingIn person at municipal offices and pet shelters

Paw PrintIn person at veterinary clinics and local pet-related businesses

LetterVia mail by responding to renewal reminder letters

We ensure that each of these methods remain available to pet owners in each community and we provide training on our system for each person who may be involved in processing licenses when we launch.

Creating New Options for Pet Owners



The vast majority of municipalities do not offer the opportunity for online licensing. At the core of our program is our municipality-branded online licensing system. We find that in the first year, more than 60% of new license sales and renewals are conducted online. This saves time for both pet owners and municipal administrators alike, and is one of the many reasons DocuPet is able to increase compliance rates so quickly. Online users have the option to sign up for automatic renewals, making annual renewals even easier.



Pet owners also have the option to call our toll-free number and license their pets directly with the help of one of our customer service team members. We have the necessary security protocols in place that allow us to handle payments over the phone, and we always take the time to ensure that each pet owner is informed about our program and is encouraged to take advantage of its many pet owner-centric features.