How DocuPet Increases Compliance

DocuPet reduces costs, removes administrative headaches, and provides valuable new tools for municipalities and pet owners alike. Beyond all of these advantages, the primary reason for partnering with DocuPet is our proven ability to boost pet license sales.

Why Don’t Pet Owners License Their Pets?

Docupet StaffTo understand how we drive increase pet license sales, it is important to understand why pet owners often fail to comply with local laws. For the most part, lack of compliance can be tied to one or more of the following drivers:

  •  Lack of awareness – pet owners simply don’t know they need to license their pets, or they forget
  • Inconvenience – licensing pets is a hassle
  • Negative perception of pet licensing – it is seen as a “another tax” that doesn’t offer value to the community or pet owner
  • Lack of enforcement – pet owners do not receive negative consequences if they fail to license
  • Lack of incentive – pet owners do not receive any tangible benefit by licensing

There is no single secret method that we use to increase pet license sales. DocuPet is an optimized program that employs a number of strategies which together dramatically increase financial performance.

Boosting New Pet License Sales

DocuPet drives new pet license registrations by:

  • Implementing proactive and thorough Door-To-Door Programs
  • Providing convenient and secure online licensing
  • Offering Rewards and Coupons to Licensed Pet Owners
  • Providing Lost Pet Alert Services
  • Recommending By-Law and Ordinance modifications that encourage licensing
  • Providing friendly and informative Customer Service
  • Supporting Marketing and Awareness Campaigns such as Press Releases, Bill Inserts, and Social Media Programs
  • Improving municipality website pet licensing pages

Maximizing Pet License Renewals

We increase pet license renewal rates by:

  • Automating email and mail renewal communications
  • Implementing automated calls to pet owners who fail to renew
  • Sending warning and citation letters to residents who fail to renew
  • Leaving targeted messages with unrenewed pet owners via Door-To-Door Program
  • Providing robust services, rewards and coupons that pet owners covet and are willing to renew in order to retain
  • Improving municipality website pet licensing pages

Our Results

In 2017, year-over-year license sales across our system have increased by more than 40%. Most recently, in municipalities where all of our strategies have been implemented, year-over-year sales have increased by more than 200%.

System-wide, renewal rates have been increased from an industry average of 65 – 70% to over 80%. In some cases, renewal rates as high as 87% have been achieved.