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Pet Licensing Program ReportsReceive a Free Customized Pet Licensing Program Report from the Experts at DocuPet.

DocuPet specializes in municipal pet licensing, providing an outsourced solution that drives license sales, reduces costs, removes operational burdens, and creates a value-added service for pet owning residents. We offer free Pet Licensing Program Recommendations Reports to managers of municipal pet licensing programs. To develop the report, all we require is a 60-minute collaborative discussion with you in which we will ask:

  • How many pet licenses do you sell annually?
  • Do you sell dog and cat licenses?
  • Do your licenses expire at the end of a calendar year or on the anniversary of purchase?
  • Do you offer online sales?
  • Do you sell licenses through veterinary clinics or other third-party locations?
  • Do you feel your license fees are set at the right levels?
  • Do you send reminders, warning letters and fines?
  • How many people are associated with your pet licensing program?
  • What, if any, strategies have you recently implemented to increase pet license compliance?
  • Is your pet licensing program an operational burden to you and your team?
  • Are you satisfied with the performance of your pet licensing program?

Our reports include the following customized information:

  • How your program compares to regional and national averages
  • Estimated revenues and total associated costs
  • Recommendations for streamlining pet licensing operations
  • Recommendations for increasing community awareness and sales results
  • Projected revenues and savings via the DocuPet program

To coordinate your free customized Pet Licensing Program Recommendations Report, contact:

KevinKevin MacKenzie
1-855-249-1370 x301