Community Awareness Program

One of the primary reasons that pet owners fail to license their animals is lack of awareness of local laws. DocuPet tackles this challenge head-on by implementing door-to-door awareness campaigns in each community that we serve.

“DocuPet’s Door-To-Door Program has dramatically increased our pet license compliance. The DocuPet team is professional, friendly, and are great representatives for us in our community.”

How Our Door-to-Door Program Works

Door to Door ProgramWe hire energetic Community Representatives who are trained to visit each residence. We use mapping systems to create routes and use up-to-the minute data systems to guide our visits and track license sales.

Our representatives do not knock on doors, but rather use a few basic techniques to identify households that have pets. Homes and apartments where pets are identified are left with door hangers explaining that they must register their animals with clear instructions for doing so, as well as information about fees and potential fines. Households where pets are not identified are left with an informational brochure about the requirement to license if they own pets.

Warning letters are sent to those addresses where pets have been identified but continue to not comply with the local pet licensing law within two weeks of our visit.


We have optimized the content in our communications through iterative testing, and our reporting tools allow us to track the effectiveness of each program and share results with our municipal partners.

In North America, approximately 50% of residences have either a dog or a cat. By implementing our optimized Community Awareness Program, we typically find that 7.5% of our visits will result in a new license within four weeks. In the residences at which a pet has been identified, the conversion rate jumps to over 40%.

Program Economics

The Community Awareness Program is so effective that DocuPet offers to cover the majority of the costs:

  • DocuPet pays for the hiring, training and wages for all Community Representatives
  • DocuPet pays for the uniforms and offers reporting to municipalities free of charge
  • The only costs for Municipalities are payment for the materials that we leave at each residence and the delivery of warning letters