Built for Program Administrators

DocuPet has been developed in consultation with pet licensing administrators and compliance officers, and relentlessly optimized to meet their every need.

Docupet EmployeeA partnership with DocuPet means an end to all frustration regarding reporting, data entry, payment processing, field operations, and customer service.

We provide tools that make growing and managing pet license programs easy, and our customer service and relationship management teams are always a phone call, text or email away ensuring that any challenge is addressed immediately and proactively.

Pet TagsTag Management and Fulfillment

DocuPet manages all tag ordering and fulfillment. Our high-quality, municipality-branded tags are ordered and inventoried centrally. All orders are mailed within one business day and tracked in our online system. We also handle tag replacement requests.

Renewal Reminders, Warning Letters, and Citations

Our automated system manages all communications regarding pet license renewal reminders, warning letters and citations. Where we can, we use optimized email messages to drive our high renewal rate performance and lower costs. Emails are followed up with mailed notices.

Pet owners who do not comply, are called using our automated phone system. If renewals are not completed after these messages, DocuPet can also manage warning letter and citation emails and mail-outs.

Data Entry and System Integration

DocuPet KioskWe have yet to find a pet licensing department who enjoys data entry. That’s why we take on as much as possible. Historically with DocuPet, more than 60% of license sales transition to online. Many sales are also handled by our customer service team over the phone or received via mail and entered by us.

Our partners need only enter data for over the counter purchases, but even then we offer a free kiosk that can be placed in municipal and shelter licensing locations to further reduce data entry.

DocuPet integrates with every major pet shelter software meaning that all of the data on DocuPet will instantly be synchronized in both directions. There is no need to be concerned with double-entry: the up-to-date pet and pet owner records will always be wherever you need them.

Financial and Performance Reporting

Powerful and customized reporting tools are key to effective program management. Administrators can access real-time and historical reporting online through their accounts at DocuPet. They can learn about sales rates, renewal rates, license types, collections lists, and anything else that might be needed to assess the health of their programs.

We manage monthly reporting through our Relationship Management Team. Our partners receive a monthly remittance report along with all funds that have been collected on their behalf. We also include a monthly performance report with news and insights. Every six months, we conduct a strategy meeting to discuss program performance and ways to increase that performance even further.

Financial Reporting Graph

Record Look-up and Field Operations

We’ve heard every horror story as it relates to pet data management and access. DocuPet allows any administrator to look up any pet record from any internet-enabled device. They may search by any fi eld including pet color, breed, street name, pet name, owner name.

Our online functionality allows for note taking and record updating. We also make it easy for compliance officers to register pets in the field, or to send emailed payment links or warning letters with the click of a button.

Customer Service

Awareness CampaignsWe have a delightful, pet-loving, fully-trained team of customer service representatives on hand to answer any call, email or online chat message from any pet owner. We’re available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and will soon be expanding our hours to better serve pet owners in the evenings.

Our customer service teams handles payments, account updates, and program questions with joy. We also have learned how to handle sensitive matters regarding deceased pets, and those related to financial distress.

Call us anytime to get a sense of what pet owners will experience: 1-855-249-1370

Awareness Campaigns

We don’t make money until we increase your pet license sales. Our most recent results* have yielded a 127% increase in year-over-year sales (that’s more than double!). Among the many ways we do this is we conduct awareness campaigns in your community. This includes door visits, direct mail, bill stuffing, and social media campaigns. No longer do our partners need to worry about how to engage with their communities regarding pet licensing—we’ve optimized the
messaging and we know how to drive sales.

Relationship Management

Relationship ManagementOur Relationship Management team is staff ed by highly knowledgeable, proactive and friendly professionals. We coordinate all pet licensing program activities including partnership launches, training, reporting, consultation and local awareness campaigns. We are a phone call, text or email away at all times, but more likely we’ll be connecting with you for regular updates just to tell you how well the program is going and what we can do together to improve it even more.