The DocuPet Licensing Program

DocuPet specializes in municipal pet licensing program optimization. It’s all that we do, and we do it very well.

The DocuPet Program:

Up Arrow  Dramatically increases pet license compliance and associated revenue

Down Arrow  Reduces administrative burden and costs

Paw Print  Provides pet owner-centric services and rewards

How It Works

DocuPet’s online platform and centralized team manage all elements of the municipal pet licensing program. We facilitate online licensing and handle tag ordering and mailing for all licenses sold, as well as renewal and warning communication, customer service, and reporting.

Docupet Process Map

Pet owners may license online, over the phone, by mail or in person within the community. All tags are mailed out from our central fulfillment location within 2 business days.

Pet owners gain access to simple and secure online registration, automated renewals, rewards and coupon offers, and a feature-rich online profile which includes our Lost Pet Alert service.

Municipalities receive easy 24/7 access to online pet records, in-the-field record look-up tools, synchronized records, automated reporting, and friendly account management.

Docupet ServiceThe DocuPet Program Includes

Our Performance

Since 2014, DocuPet has increased pet license sales in our partner communities on average by more than 30% annually. As of late 2017, year-over-year compliance rates have increased by more than 200% in many communities.

Why It Works

DocuPet provides a number of services that pet owners adore. We make pet licensing easy with our community-branded, pet-owner centric website. We provide a Lost and Found Pet Tool that helps return pets home safely. What’s more, we offer discounts and coupons for pet owners who license, making program registration a net financial win for residents.

We employ aggressive and thorough outreach and awareness programs that ensure every pet owner knows about the licensing requirements and how to license their animals. Further, we work with each municipality to ensure that the bylaws and policies are established in such a way so as to maximize compliance.

DocuPet removes the burden of pet licensing program management from municipal and shelter staff, reduces costs, increases revenues, and provides a modern value-added service for residents. It’s a win-win-win-win scenario.