11 Things Only Dog Owners Will Understand

1. You haven’t needed an alarm clock in years

They’re up well before you, and ready for their morning pee and breakfast — human, what’s taking you so long? The day is young!


2. The priority for buying a vehicle is how well it’s going to fit your dog(s)

If it isn’t going to fit your current dog and possible future pups, what good is it anyway?


3. The face your dog makes when you’re packing for vacation

Sheer sadness and guilt-tripping wrapped in one adorable, furry package. How dare you pack a bag!


4. Successfully hiding medication in a piece of cheese or meat

It’s a time-honed skill, giving medication to a dog! There’s nothing like the sense of achievement at having done the impossible.


5. You’re used to having no space in your bed, and fine with it

When its time for bed and your dog crawls in, taking way more space than is necessary, you’re totally cool with it. In fact, you embrace it!


6. Most of the photos on your phone are of your dog



7. Knowing that, even though ALL dogs are cute, yours really is the cutest

Is it even a question, really?


8. Having an impressive collection of dog memes and gifs saved



9. Your dog has their own “voice”, and you frequently speak for them in that voice



10. The sheer joy your dog shows when you come home from a trip, or even just a day at work



11. The amazing benefits of licensing your dog with DocuPet

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